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My Methods

How I fight my battle

Every path is different on how we cope- so what works for me may not be ideal for you. It is important for you to find ways that healthy and supportive. Self help is unique

How I heal: Welcome


Helps to heal

Praying- Ke$ha

This is a song that has gotten be through so many hard times. I listen to the words and I think about 'that person' and God knows I cant do anything about him, but I hope God's wrath is real

Til it Happens to You- Lady Gaga

The pain, the hurt, and sadness is nothing I wish on anyone. 
But us fighters know how it feels. This is why we are here, we are here to support each other because IT HAPPENED.  
This performance is so powerful. The arms and unity is such a strong message.

It's on On Us- AJR

"ITS NOT YOUR FAULT" are lyrics that are emphasized throughout the song. This song was made to raise awareness and campaign against sexual violence. while this video is not the official, it is strong. It emphasize the horrifying stats and statements of sexual assault. Watch the video once taking in the lyrics and another time reading the signs.

How I heal: List

Benson is Best

I watch TV shows about sexual assaults

does this seem counterintuitive ... maybe

But watching the shows makes me see that I am not alone and that others are experiencing what I did as well. 

In SVU, Oliva Benson (my queen) actually gives great advice about how to heal. 

Shows that I watch...

  • Law and Order: SVU

  • Unbelievable (netflix)

  • Rectify and Outlander

    • Shows male assault​

How I heal: Quote


not everyone likes to write, not everyone writes everyday. 

but journaling to me happens when I need to process my feeling but when I do not know what I am feeling. 

So when I journal, it can be in a variety of ways. Sometimes when I write, I try to see my growth and reflect on my healing process. Flipping through on pages I can see how far I have come. 

Another way I journal is by writing to him. Most of the time in that case it is a giant "fudge you" . Hints of prosperity comes out during this and it is cathartic. I let him know that my life is going good and how I have an amazing boyfriend and that my life is moving forward. 

Healing is a massive trial and error and seeing what works well with you

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How I heal: Text
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